Thursday, July 18, 2024

$2m grant to revamp Greymouth CBD

The Government today confirmed a $2 million grant towards the regeneration of Greymouth’s CBD, with a new two-level commercial and public facility to be built.

Regional Development Minister, Kieran McAnulty said the new building will include a visitor facility centred around a new library. Additionally, it will include retail outlets on the ground floor, and both outdoor and indoor recreational spaces, he said.

“Our funding will support Grey District Council and Development West Coast as they develop this otherwise vacant land plot. We want to see more foot traffic and community spaces in Greymouth for both economic growth and community wellbeing,” said Mr McAnulty.

“This compliments our other recent investments made to Greymouth such as the Pounamu Pathway Experience centre which received funding through our provincial growth fund.”

Based on the current plans, the building is expected to open to the public in May 2025.

“Local MP Damien O’Connor assured me this would complement development of the Pounamu Pathway project and other investments in central Greymouth to enhance a lively community space. I’m stoked we’ve been able to chip in.”

“Since 2018, $3.2 billion has been paid out from the eight regional investment funds to support our region’s economies. A staggering 1,148 projects have already been completed.

“Through a mix of grants, loans and equity, we’re investing in projects that will help our regional businesses to continue to grow and most importantly support our communities in the regions to flourish,” Mr McAnulty said.

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