Tuesday, July 23, 2024

ACC to top up non-contracted provider payments

The Government today announced it is topping up payments to non-contracted ACC providers to ensure the cost of treatment stays low.

ACC Minister, Peeni Henare said the Government was stepping in to make sure higher business costs aren’t passed on to ACC clients.

“Like other businesses, the health professionals who treat injured New Zealanders have faced higher labour and other business costs over the past few years,” Mr Henare said.

“From April 1 some providers will get an increase of more than 9% to ensure they can cover operational costs without increasing the amount they charge clients. This will not impact ACC levies.”

He said the increase will depend on provider type. For example, general practice and primary healthcare nurses who are delivering ACC treatment will see an increase of 7.85%. Counsellors and some other specified treatment providers are receiving an extra 9.36%.

“Through this change we are recognising the very real cost pressures on the health services that play such a vital role in getting so many people back on their feet,” Minister Henare said.

ACC payments to non-contracted treatment providers are set in Cost of Treatment Regulations, which are reviewed every two years. The review considers whether adjustments are needed to reflect changes in the cost of treatment.

The payments are for the portion of rehabilitation costs covered by ACC.

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