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Air Force mum’s business idea takes off

A business born out of hard times was the inspiration for Flight Lieutenant Natalie Pitts to launch Go Mama.

FLTLT Pitts (pictured) joined the Air Force in 2001 as an Admin Clerk and has spent 20 years in a variety of roles, including as Flight Steward with No. 40 Squadron for 10 years. She commissioned at the end of 2016 and is now Adjutant at Base Auckland.

The Go Mama business was born through her journey of post-natal depression with her first child.

“I made a conscious effort of being more active when I became pregnant with my second child. I wanted to give myself the best chances of feeling well, and used exercise as a management tool to help my mental health,” FLTLT Pitts said.

But she found a gap in the market, so decided to give it a go herself.

“I found there was a gap in budget-friendly maternity activewear that was comfortable, supportive and functional for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

“Pregnancy and being a new mum can be really hard physically and mentally, so I wanted to create a range that made it easier to bridge the link between physical exercise and mentalwellbeing,” she said.

FLTLT Pitts has big aspirations for Go Mama and hopes the range is something that militaries will consider for their personnel.

“There is a lot of progression in the NZDF maternity uniform space, and I would love to see the momentum continue by providing maternity activewear options that align with the existing activewear scale already available.

“My dream would be to become a preferred supplier of maternity activewear within the New Zealand Defence Force, and other nations’ Defence Forces.”

Her main focus is her Air Force career, but is passionate about both the RNZAF and Go Mama and is working on finding a balance.

Go Mama is a home-based business so I get pretty productive over the weekends to makeit easier on the juggle during the week.”

FLTLT Pitts said planning and organisation have been integral to the roles she has done within theAir Force and are transferable to her new business.

“I think these skills have been a big contributor to transitioning Go Mama from just aconcept through to design and the procurement stage, to an active website and brand launch.

“The brand is all about supporting and empowering women, regardless of their fitness level, to feel inspire to move and do so in comfort, style and practicality.”

FLTLT Pitts is in discussions with the RNZAF Clothing Manager to look at a submission for GoMama to be coming a preferred supplier of maternity fitness wear in the RNZAF.

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