Saturday, July 20, 2024

Assessment framework adopted for Avon River projects

Christchurch City Council’s Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor Co-Governance Establishment Committee has adopted a new framework to assess any Council-led projects planned for the former residential red zone.

Co-chairs, Te Maire Tau and Lianne Dalziel say the new assessment framework will be used as a sounding board for future projects.

“The framework covers factors such as climate change resilience, ecological improvements, innovation and the ability to practice mahinga kai,” the co-chairs said.

“As well as being a measuring stick for us to determine the merits of Council-led projects, the new assessment framework also be used by anyone proposing projects in the ‘activity areas’ of the OARC, where non-Council-led projects can occur.

“Our overwhelming interest is to ensure we return the area to its original state, so we can prepare ourselves for climate change and mitigate the flooding risk to the city.

“The early settlers referred to the eastern seaboard as a ‘delta’ and Ngāi Tahu valued the area for mahinga kai. Both views are compatible and we must work together for the common good.”

The Co-Governance Establishment Committee was established in August 2022 to make decisions around both permanent and transitional uses within the OARC regeneration area, and to investigate options for a permanent co-governance entity.

Ngāi Tūāhuriri Upoko Dr Te Maire Tau and former Christchurch Mayor, Lianne Dalziel co-chair the committee. In addition to Dr Tau, Ngāi Tūāhuriri appointed four members – Tania Wati, Dr John Reid, Thomas Hildebrand, and Tutehounuku Korako – to the committee.

Community members of the committee include Hayley Guglietta, Dr Cynthia Roberts and Julyan Falloon. After last year’s local body elections, Councillor Kelly Barber was also appointed.

The committee has also determined a shortlist of options for a permanent co-governance entity for the OARC. These options are being investigated in more detail before the committee makes a recommendation to the Council.  It’s expected the permanent entity will replace this establishment committee some time in 2024.

Since its establishment, the committee has also gained an understanding of the Council’s wide programme of works and the opportunities that the OARC provides, approved the Council’s community planting programme for the 2023 season, and worked with third-party groups on their proposals to temporarily use the land. 

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