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Auckland schools slowdown

Four Auckland primary schools will soon become a safer destination for children and parents with the introduction of new 30km/h speed zones.

Auckland schools Grey Lynn Primary, Glenfield Primary, Birkdale Primary and Summerland Primary school are part of Auckland Transport’s Safe School Speeds programme.

The project – which is part of the wider Innovating Streets for People Programme – involves schools working with Auckland Transport to introduce new speed calming measures such as kerb extensions, speed humps, and new painted surfaces to keep children safe.

Travelling at 30km/h or lower outside schools increases driver reaction and stopping time, reducing the chances of serious crash injuries.

“The safety of our students and community is paramount, and the new measures will help parents, students and drivers navigate their way safely around the school,” said Summerland Primary School Co-Principal, Barb Dysart.

“We’ve seen far too many near-misses and unnecessary speeding outside our school. Drivers travelling at slower speeds have more time to see children and hazards and respond to them in a way that keeps everyone safe,” she said.

“Every child deserves to get to and from school safely – and we can’t compromise on safety,” said Auckland Transport’s Group Manager of Network Management, Randhir Karma.

“By having these four schools in Auckland agree to be part of the Safe School Speeds framework, we’re seeing an investment in behaviour change around the school run, and this programme will play a considerable role in establishing better driver behaviour.”

Safer speeds on the way for Auckland schools (1)

The trials will be implemented in June, with only minor upgrade work required for the installation.

The Safe School Speeds project sits alongside events and trial installations at 36-39 sites across Auckland that are funded through Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s Innovating Streets for People pilot fund.

The pilot fund follows a ‘consultation by trial’ approach, with communities interacting with the changes in a real-life context.

Throughout the trials, Auckland Transport will monitor the projects and seek community feedback. Changes can be made as required.

To find out more about the projects, visit: AK Have Your Say

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