Thursday, July 18, 2024

Auckland toilet block the perfect drop

A rainwater harvesting system at a new toilet block at Auckand’s Phyllis Reserve is delivering a double benefit – one to the environment and the other to locals who will now be able to use the facility all year round.

Excess rainwater at the site will be collected in a large tank behind the toilets, to be preserved and used, rather than running into stormwater drains.

The stored water will be used in the summer months – during a drought or if water restrictions are necessary – meaning the toilets can stay open for use all year round.

Auckland Council says the move will help prevent soil erosion, flooding and pollution from stormwater run-off into waterways.

“Turning the toilet into an eco-friendly facility this way is a fantastic idea. This shows that public infrastructure can be a part of the solution at the local level when thinking of climate action,” says local board chair, Lee Corrick.

The initiative by council staff has been welcomed by locals who volunteer at the park, residents and Albert-Eden Local Board members.

The project is a part of Phyllis Reserve Masterplan development. The new toilet block was added to the plan after consultation with the community.

“This convenience was needed here because there wasn’t one for almost the entire length of the Waterview shared path,” says Chair Corrick.

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