Thursday, June 13, 2024

Awanui fence good enough to frame

Te Hiku’s stunning beaches, scenic areas and their histories have been brought to life on an Awanui fence as part of the Te Hiku Open Spaces Revitalisation Project.

The fence on State Highway 1, outside the town’s Mana Kai Honey Shop, has been transformed into large photo boards, featuring Ngāi Takato designs and graphics capturing the history and natural beauty of the area.

Far North District Council says large, pointed posts along the fence line came from timber repurposed from the old Unahi Wharf, just north of Awanui, which was rebuilt in 2022. Some of the timbers from the wharf are believed to be more than 100 years old.

The fence offers an immersive, artistic experience in Awanui which was named Aotearoa’s ‘most beautiful tiny town’ in the 2023 Keep New Zealand Beautiful Awards.

Over the past few years, the $7 million Te Hiku o te Ika Revitalisation Open Spaces Project has installed pump tracks, public artworks, playground equipment, water fountains, barbeques, public seating, shade sails and much more in Kaitāia, Awanui and Ahipara.

The community-led project is funded by Kānoa – the government’s Regional Economic Development and Investment Unit – with support from Far North District Council and Te Hiku Community Board.

Awanui Photo Fence_blessing.jpeg
The art fence is officially blessed and opened.

Last updated 08 February 2024

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