Thursday, May 30, 2024

Better connections for New Lynn

A new shared path in west Auckland means people can now enjoy a walk or bike ride directly from New Lynn to Avondale. 

The New Lynn to Avondale Shared Path connects communities through shorter links between schools, town centres and public transport.

The link will reduce the walk to Avondale Primary School for many locals.

“The Government is upgrading New Zealand’s transport system to make it safer, greener, and more efficient for now and future generations to come,” said Transport Minister, Michael Wood.

“Our Government’s commitment to infrastructure investment will continue to play a critical part in securing New Zealand’s economy and recovery from COVID-19.

The shared path links to Auckland comprehensive network of shared paths including the Waterview Shared Path, the Northwestern cycleway, and city centre networks. It will also connect with the Te Whau Pathway, which follows the west side of the Whau River in Avondale, and other local walking and cycling routes.

“Our Government is committed to giving New Zealanders more options for how to get around cleanly and safely. This includes safer walking and cycling options, better public transport, or more affordable electric vehicles. Just like many other aspects of the Emissions Reduction Plan, tackling climate change by reducing transport emissions, comes with the very happy coincidence of making people’s lives better,” said Climate Change Minister, James Shaw.

“I’m particularly pleased that this path will make walking and cycling to school safer, giving parents peace of mind that there is a safe alternative to getting stuck in school-run traffic.

“As more people travel around on bikes we’ll see eased traffic congestion, a reduction in the environmental impact of travel, and improved health of people who cycle,” he said.

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