Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Bodycam boost for Invercargill

Environmental Compliance Officer Jeremy Bond equipped with a body camera.

Frontline Invercargill City Council staff have a new look, sporting the latest in body camera technology.

Since December 21, ICC compliance officers have been equipped with body cameras when out in the community on council work.

The cameras underwent a trial period earlier in the year with council staff receiving training, and guidelines for their use.

Staff will wear a label advising people they are wearing a camera.

“Body cameras are used by around 30 NZ councils, this experience has shown the cameras act as a deterrent and people are less likely to become abusive when they know they are being filmed,” Council said in a statement.

Environmental Services Manager Betty Holden-Tzanoudakis said there have been 18 recorded incidents of poor behaviour from members of the public towards staff between July 2019 and July 2020.

‘Our staff are experienced and professional, and the nature of their work means they often need to deal with situations that can escalate quickly,” said Ms Holden-Tzanoudakis.

She said all footage would be held securely by Council and released if an incident required further investigation.

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