Saturday, April 13, 2024

Buller council-owned property for sale

Buller District Council has invited four real estate agents in Westport to submit a proposal to sell a number of council-owned properties.

“We received two proposals which were evaluated against a local government procurement system and as a result Property Brokers was selected as the sales partner,” said Council’s acting group manager community services, Krissy Trigg.

“They will oversee the preparation of documents, marketing, negotiations, and the sales process.”

Ms Trigg said Council believes that releasing under-utilised land will free up sections for local housing.

The aim is for the first group of properties to be sold by the end of June 2022, with a second group of assets to be sold by December, and a further group of properties changing ownership by mid-2023.

One of the financial strategies council included in its Long Term Plan includes realising financial opportunities through rationalising council’s building and property portfolio through the sale of surplus land and buildings.

It has predicted income of $450,000 from these sales during the 2021 -2022 financial year.

“Council and Property Brokers are committed to achieving the best price and deliver the best outcome for the Buller community,” Ms Trigg says.

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