Monday, July 15, 2024

Cadbury knockdown approved for hospital build

The new Dunedin Hospital project has received consent to demolish the Cadbury factory buildings to make way for the new Inpatients Building. 
Programme Director, Mike Barns says the decision was a major step forward for the project, with the entire hospital site to now be cleared for the construction of a new facility by June 2021.
“We’re very pleased consent has been granted and I’d like to acknowledge all the support from the community for the project and the new hospital,” says Mr Barns.
“We’ve been very aware of the concerns raised about the heritage aspects of the Cadbury factory. We’re taking every step we reasonably can to mitigate these.
“This includes retaining the historic Dairy Building at the south-east corner of the site. We will also undertake a detailed photographic and video building recording of the Cadbury factory buildings by a qualified heritage practitioner.”
He said demolition of the Outpatients Building site was on track for completion by Christmas, with the entire hospital site expected to be cleared by June next year.
“This is great news for Dunedin and the Southern region. The new Dunedin Hospital will transform how healthcare is delivered across the region, improving health outcomes for New Zealanders for decades to come.”
“The new Dunedin Hospital project also offers many opportunities for jobs and businesses, and will support Dunedin’s long term urban renewal plan.”

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