Sunday, May 26, 2024

Call to slow down after horror start to holiday period

Tāmaki Makaurau Police are urging drivers to take care on the roads following a tragic start to the holiday period.

“The families of four people have lost a loved one on Auckland’s roads since last night,” said Inspector Jason Homan.

“Every death on the road means a person will never come home again to their whānau and friends. We do not want any other families to experience such pain and loss this holiday period.”

He said while the cause of each crash remained under investigation, indications were that high speeds had been a contributing factor to the incidents.

“This is why Police are urging drivers to be careful on the roads and slow down,” said Inspector Woman.

“Do not speed. Do not drink and drive. Put on your seatbelt and make sure your passengers have theirs on. Put away distractions like cell phones.

“Our officers work tirelessly every day to keep our roads safe, but we cannot control the actions of every driver, every minute of the day, and people need to take accountability for their driving behaviour.”

He said road safety was something everybody must take responsibility for.

“Every person getting behind the steering wheel needs to take ownership of their safety, that of their passengers and also other road users and pedestrians.”

“And if you’re a passenger in a vehicle and you don’t feel safe, please have the courage to say something to the driver, or ask to get out.

“Get yourself and your friends home safe these holidays and take care on the roads.”

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