Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Cambridge landmarks light up for Ukraine

A call from the community has led to Waipā District Council lighting up two well-loved historical structures in Cambridge in support of the Ukraine crisis.

The Cambridge Town Hall and Clock Tower have been lit with blue and yellow as a show solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

The request initially came to Council from a Cambridge High School head student, along with support from the Cambridge Community Board and Cambridge Chamber of Commerce.

Local supplier, Steen & Morrow Electrical actioned the bulb and filter changes. Council says the assets will light up each evening for around a fortnight.

“We were proud to be part of this initiative and show our support for Ukraine,” Waipā District Council Deputy Chief Executive, Ken Morris said.

Meanwhile, a set of guidelines and criteria for lighting the exteriors of the 113-year-old Cambridge Town Hall and 88-year-old Cambridge Town Clock Tower were given the green light by councillors at Tuesday’s Council meeting.

This comes after the Cambridge Community Board recently agreed to new regulations for lighting the exteriors of the two Council assets.

The guidelines will now be taken to the Te Awamutu Community Board for its approval of lighting Te Awamutu buildings on specific occasions.

Mr Morris said that in recent years Council had received a number of requests from local and national charities to light up the historical structures, however to date there had not been a set of guidelines to adhere to for these requests.

“This has prompted a review of the process and creating a new process for applications to light up our historic structures,” he said.

The guidelines would ensure future requests were managed efficiently and with ease, he said.

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