Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Car rebate scheme cleans up

New Zealand’s Clean Car rebate scheme has exceeded expectations by reaching 12,000 approved rebates, Transport Minister, Michael Wood said today.

“The Clean Car Discount scheme is off to an electric start, helping to get more Kiwis behind the wheel of cheaper electric vehicles,” the Minister said.

The Clean Car rebate provides a maximum of $8,625 for low and zero emission new and used car imports.

“The climate emergency we face is a challenge we cannot postpone, and I’m excited and encouraged to see Kiwis making the most of the Clean Car rebate to help play an active role in cutting emissions and reaching our climate targets,” said Mr Wood.

“Today’s milestone means that electric and hybrids vehicles now make up around 1 percent of Aotearoa’s light-vehicle fleet. This is a promising start, but we need to keep building on this momentum. As demand for electric and hybrid vehicles grows worldwide, Aotearoa needs to be an active participant in this market, and avoid being in a position where we are the dumping ground for high-emitting vehicles from other countries moving ahead in the decarbonisation of their fleet.”

He said the pace of the uptake was expected to shift up a gear, with the rebates now available to a wider range of used and new fuel efficient, hybrid and electric vehicles.

“This extension will help even more Kiwis to make the change to more efficient vehicles, and reduce the pain they feel at the pump as we navigate a global energy crisis.”

 “I’m looking forward to seeing more and more electric and hybrid vehicles on the road. Motorists can find all the information they need at, including the level of rebate that they can receive, or fee that a more polluting vehicle may attract. Everyone who is buying a new or used car can now join the effort to keep our country clean and green,” Mr Wood said. 

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