Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Caretaker government to continue

Chris Hipkins and Christopher Luxon have agreed to extend the current caretaker government arrangements until a new Government is formed. 

Under the Constitution Act, current Ministers were due to leave office at 11.59pm on Saturday 11 November.

“Given the writ has not yet been returned due to recounts and negotiations to form a new Government are progressing the simplest solution is to roll over the current caretaker arrangements for a little bit longer,” said Mr Hipkins said on Friday.

“Following consultation with Christopher Luxon, I have written to the Governor-General to advise her to reappoint the current ministry to operate in caretaker mode until the new government is appointed.

“Ministers will continue in their existing portfolios, except for Nanaia Mahuta, who will leave office on Saturday as she has not been re-elected.”

Grant Robertson will be appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control. Willie Jackson will take over Nanaia Mahuta’s delegations as Associate Minister for Māori Development.

“This solution to a constitutional quirk has been amicably agreed and we continue to consult closely with the incoming Government on all key decisions,” Mr Hipkins said.

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