Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Celebrating 60 years of community service

Waikato District Council has honoured 98-year-old resident, David Barnes, for his dedicated life of service to the Tuakau community.

For more than 60 years, Mr Barnes has been the custodian of the Tuakau Memorial Hall. As well as looking after the hall, he has worked tirelessly for his community, the Council said in a statement.

“Well-known throughout the community, Dave is a life member of the Tuakau Rugby Club and a delegate of Counties Rugby,” Council said.

“There is a building block at Tuakau College named after him and he was also on the Board of Trustees at Tuakau College. He was a delegate on the local community board, under Franklin District Council and was chairman of Keep Tuakau Beautiful, during the Tuakau Borough Council period.

“Most of Dave’s work has been voluntary. Dave and his wife used to get up early in the morning to pick up rubbish in the main street of Tuakau, and they also removed graffiti and patrolled the streets. He has also organised the Anzac Day parade for many years.”

Waikato District Council’s Community Venues Officer, Emah Lane says it was great to have the opportunity to celebrate the dedication and commitment of Reverend Barnes. 

His tenure as the Caretaker of the Tuakau Memorial Hall, and the impact he’s had on the Tuakau community are impressive achievements, she says. 

“We at Waikato District Council are grateful for the time, effort and work Dave has contributed over the years.”

Mr Barnes was born in Wales and arrived in New Zealand in the 50s. Since arriving in Aotearoa, he has embraced New Zealand culture. He is a Reverend with the Maaori Anglican Church and received a New Zealand Order of Merit in 1999 for his services to the community. 

“Council would like to acknowledge Dave, and thank him for all his hard work and dedication.”

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