Monday, July 15, 2024

Christchurch council leaves LGNZ

Christchurch City Council today announced it will resign its membership from Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ).

A report was presented at today’s Council meeting regarding renewing its annual membership subscription for LGNZ – an association which represents the interests of Councils around the country.

Councillors decided to resign the membership of LGNZ and reallocate the unspent budget for this year to go towards elected member professional training, workplace support services and parliamentary engagement, Council said in a statement.

The Council’s LGNZ membership would cost $163,254.75 plus GST for the 2024/25 year, which is an increase from $141,960.65 plus GST for the 2023-24 year.

Read the report here.

“There were advantages and disadvantages for both staying part of LGNZ and resigning, which we had to weigh up when making this decision,” said Mayor, Phil Mauger.

“What our resignation now means is that the Council will be able to advocate for the issues that directly impact and are important to the communities of Christchurch and Banks Peninsula as the South Island’s largest city and the second largest city in New Zealand.”

“LGNZ President and Selwyn District Mayor Sam Broughton will also continue to have the full support of our Council for the rest of his term,” he said.

The Mayor said he will now give notice of the resignation in writing to LGNZ.

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