Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Christchurch Council on water watch

Christchurch City Council is closely monitoring weather forecasts and water demand in Banks Peninsula with the hopes of being able to lower restrictions in the near future.

Akaroa, Duvauchelle and Takamātua residents have been under Level 4 water restrictions – a total ban on outdoor water use – since late February. The streams that supply the townships with drinking water have been critically low due to unseasonably low rainfall last winter and throughout summer.

A temporary water reservoir bypass in Akaroa also means the supply it shares with Takamātua is currently operating at reduced capacity. The Council is planning to add extra storage tanks to the reservoir in the coming weeks.

“We’re currently monitoring stream levels multiple times a week in Banks Peninsula to check whether the Level 4 restrictions can be lowered,” says the Council’s Head of Three Waters and Waste, Helen Beaumont.

“Right now, streams are still critically low, and a relatively warm and dry start to autumn hasn’t helped the ongoing situation.

“We’re also running the Akaroa-Takamātua water supply network at reduced capacity due to the temporary reservoir bypass being in place at L’Aube Hill Reserve. To help alleviate this, we expect to have extra storage tanks installed in the coming weeks.”

Ms Beaumont says the Council is keeping close tabs on the water situation.

“We’re watching weather forecasts, stream flows and daily water demand very closely. Even if we get scattered rain over coming days, it won’t do much to change the overall situation with the streams and reduced capacity, so we need to keep the water restrictions in place until we’re confident the networks can cope with the demand.

“We’re very thankful for the ongoing patience and cooperation of residents.”

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