Friday, July 19, 2024

Christchurch mountain bike track gets rails

A popular crossing point for mountain bike riders travelling through Victoria Park and down into the Christchurch Adventure Park has been made safer.

A new section of guard rail has been installed on Dyers Pass Road opposite the Victoria Park entrance providing Christchurch Adventure Park (CAP) users a safer alternative to biking up the road. 

Christchurch City Council worked with the CAP to investigate how the corner could be made safer for everyone.

CAP Operations Manager, Charlie Lyons says he’s really pleased to see everyone working together to improve safety and connectivity on this corner.

“It’s been a collaborative effort. Victoria Park rangers, Council and Higgins have been fantastic to deal with on all fronts and really supportive of what we’re trying to achieve for our biking community. Hopefully everyone enjoys the fruits of our work.”

The barrier design was adapted to include a small gap for cyclists to cross through, with a flared, overlapping design to protect cars from exposed barrier ends. The barrier will help prevent people in cars from leaving the road, and also protect people on the bike trails below.

A short section of cycle path will be added on both the Victoria Park and CAP sides of the road to create a more direct route between the parks, and to allow greater visibility of oncoming traffic in either direction. The paths have been designed so that they tie in with the parks’ own respective plans.

Work is already underway at CAP to build a more formal bike track linking the road to the park.

Road signs will be installed to let motorists know to keep an eye out for cyclists crossing the road.

Work to widen Dyers Pass Road and install safety barriers in several high-risk locations has been underway since July, and is expected to finish later this month.

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