Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Christchurch records huge surge in broadband usage during lockdown

Enable’s fibre broadband network is seeing a surge in usage in Christchurch as the current COVID-19 lockdown leads to an increased demand for video conferencing and other online services.

“The first day of the lockdown was the largest day of usage ever on the Enable fibre broadband network – with 2.9 million gigabytes carried over it or a 45% increase,” said Enable’s Executive Director, Mark Petrie.

He said customers on Enable’s fibre broadband network across greater Christchurch downloaded 47% more data on the first day of lockdown and uploaded 32% more data.

“The time of day in which the network is being heavily used has changed during the lockdown as well. Customers are downloading a lot more content and other data during the middle of the day – a usually quieter time.”

“This suggests lots of people are at home turning to the internet to be entertained. The increase in data downloaded each day is the equivalent of 140,000 more HD movies being streamed,” said Mr Petrie.

He said the increase in data uploaded was likely to reflect the increase in the use of video conferencing during lockdown.

“We’ve seen the largest increases of uploaded data during the times of day when people are busy doing business over video conferencing and students are connecting with their teachers and fellow students,” added Mr Petrie.

The increase in uploading is the equivalent of about 65,000 additional hour-long video conferences happening each day across Christchurch.

Mr Petrie said that despite the increase in usage through lockdown, the network still has half its capacity available to respond to even more use by the community.

“As a business that’s owned by our local community it’s very rewarding to know that we support our community and deliver an essential service in a time of need, and we will continue to do so in future,” he said.

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