Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Christchurch rubbish bill a real eyesore

Christchurch’s worst areas for fly tipping have been revealed, with clearing rubbish from one street alone costing ratepayers more than $43,000, according to Christchurch City Council.

Council says streets in the Central Ward were hit hardest, with removing dumped rubbish from Cashel Street costing $43,394.71; Hereford Street totalling $39,196.17; $38,993.17 for Worcester Street; Gloucester Street at $26,531.57 and $22,413.64 for Armagh Street.

Clearing Aldershot Street in the Burwood Ward cost ratepayers $17,279.15 and Emmett Street in the Innes Ward totalled $16,786.55.

Council says the figures only account for dumping costs between January 2023 and February 2024. They do not include the costs of staff and contractors inspecting and clearing the affected areas.

At the end of the last road maintenance contract periods, there were more than 22,000 jobs relating to fly tipping with a price tag of almost a million dollars, said City Streets Maintenance Manager, Steve Guy.

He says the figures reflect the size of the problem and how unfair it is on those doing the right thing, as it is the ratepayer who is footing the bill.

Dumped rubbish in Hornby.

“Fixing our roads and footpaths is a high priority for the Council and for our residents. The money we spend on picking up other people’s rubbish reduces our ability to repair the roads and footpaths residents identified in the satisfaction surveys.”

Mr Guy said Council staff were pulling out all the stops to reduce the issue.

Cameras have been purchased, he said, and Council is currently determining the appropriate locations for them.

“We’re working closely with local Community Boards and elected members to identify, target and clear up these hot spots at a grassroots level which has proved incredibly useful,” he said.

“And we’re liaising with the enforcement and legal teams at Council to establish a process for prosecuting dumpers.”

Mr Guy said the best thing people can do is use the facilities already offered.

“The Council provides fantastic red bin service, and the EcoDrop Transfer Station is open for any bigger loads.”

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