Friday, May 24, 2024

Christchurch speed platform performs

Safer speeds are being achieved at one of Christchurch’s busiest intersections since the installation of a platform in September last year.

The platform was put in place to encourage vehicles to travel at safer speeds when entering and exiting the Lincoln Road, Barrington Street and Whiteleigh Avenue intersection.

Following the installation of the platform, data recorded over a six-month period has shown a drop in approach speeds for vehicles entering the intersection and they are now more in line with the safe system.

“Speeds have reduced between 5-13km/h for vehicles traveling through the intersection, which shows the system is working effectively,” says Christchurch City Council Transport Operations Manager, Stephen Wright.

 “With around 50,000 vehicles a day travelling through the intersection, we wanted to make it safer for everyone by encouraging people to drive at a safer speed. After an initial period of adjustment, we’re confident that road users can see the benefits.”

The safe system approach has a target safe operating speed of 30km/h for motor vehicles on streets with vulnerable users, (people walking, cycling and scooting), decreasing the likelihood of serious injury or death should a crash occur.

Spreydon Ward Councillor, Dr Melanie Coker says the feedback from residents has been supportive.

“The change is very positive. I have heard comments from cyclists that they find travelling through the intersection much safer now that cars are travelling at slower speeds,”  she says.

“When there are events happening at the stadium or Christchurch Arena, literally hundreds of people cross this intersection on foot. As the new intersection prompts drivers to take more care, it’s really beneficial, especially at these busy times.”

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