Monday, April 22, 2024

Christchurch to be better off with city safety funding

Almost $2 million has been allocated by Christchurch City Council to support city-wide safety initiatives aimed at issues arising from homelessness and antisocial youth behaviour.

The funding has come from the previous government’s Better Off support package and is targeted at initiatives that will improve community wellbeing and safety, the Council said in a statement.

Councillors have approved the list of initiatives, which were developed in consultation with social services providers and businesses along with Police and Ministry of Social Development.

Mayor, Phil Mauger says the initiatives focus on youth and city safety.

“These projects provide an immediate and ongoing response to issues in the city centre and suburban areas across the city,” he said.

“It’s a solid programme of preventative measures delivered in partnership with government agencies, NGO’s, community groups and Police. These will make a difference in the community.”

The package includes $560,000 over three years for the Christchurch City Mission to fund two outreach positions working across the city to support and promote housing options for those in need.

Youth and Cultural Development will receive $750,000 over three years to support a mobile Youth Work Project, addressing youth issues and responding to ‘hot spots’ as they arise.

Three smart poles will be installed in New Brighton, Hornby, and Papanui, providing free wi-fi, CCTV cameras, pedestrian counters, and speakers for public alerts. They also carry functionality for extra features such as cell phone charging, which can be added according to community need.  

In the city’s east, a sum of $200,000 will go to coordinate and deliver community safety, development, and cohesion initiatives, with $100,000 for New Brighton and $100,000 for Woolston and Eastgate. 

The remaining amount of $116,000 will be set aside to deliver future initiatives, as issues arise.

Council has previously allocated $244,000 to the Christchurch Central Business Association to deliver inner city safety patrols over three years.

“We’ve focussed on projects that will have real impact in our communities, making our city safer and improving community wellbeing,” says Mayor Mauger.

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