Saturday, July 20, 2024

Clean car discount driving EV uptake

Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins says new data has confirmed that the Government’s Clean Car Discount is driving a big increase in electrified vehicle uptake and making a real contribution to New Zealand’s climate goals.

Research by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) found that 62% of EV owners bought their EVs sooner than they otherwise would have because of the Clean Car Discount.

“In September we passed the 150,000 milestone, with 156,000 rebates paid to EV and hybrid customers since July 2021, when the scheme started,” the Prime Minister said.

He said electrified vehicles now make up more than half of all new vehicles and used imports registered in New Zealand.

“The upsurge has been kick-started by the Clean Car Discount, and the climate benefits are all too clear: average emissions from newly-registered vehicles have dropped by nearly 33% since July 2021.”

“This Government’s Clean Car Discount policy is already contributing to New Zealand’s steady reduction in climate emissions, and that effect will accelerate as we continue to electrify the vehicle fleet. Removing the discount would put our climate goals in jeopardy,” he said.

Transport Minister, David Parker said the data confirmed the success of the discount.

“The rate of EV and hybrid registrations is climbing – they accounted for more than 53% of all new vehicle registrations since July, compared with 39% between April 2022 and June 2023.”

“Average carbon dioxide emissions from newly-registered vehicles are now at the lowest rate ever, at 126 grams per km. When the scheme started, the rate was 188 grams per km.

“The Clean Car Discount is the key factor in greening New Zealand’s vehicle fleet. Annual uptake of EVs and hybrids has risen by 180 per cent, compared with a 30 per cent decrease for petrol and diesel vehicles.

“The impact of the scheme was clearly shown when it was expanded in April 2022 to encourage hybrids and discourage high emission vehicles. That same month, average emissions from all newly-registered vehicles dropped from 205 g/km to 131 g/km, due to a surge in hybrid sales and a big drop in petrol and diesel. Recent changes in July 2023 have led to hybrid registrations outnumbering petrol car registrations.

“The Clean Car Discount is the key factor in greening New Zealand’s vehicle fleet. Annual uptake of EVs and hybrids has risen by 180%, compared with a 30% decrease for petrol and diesel vehicles,” he said.

“The evidence is clear that the Clean Car Discount is driving up electrified vehicle numbers and driving down our emissions,” said Minister Parker.

Read Waka Kotahi’s September Clean Car Discount report here. Link to EECA EV research here.

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