Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Council to investigate new site for organic processing plant

Christchurch City Council has voted to investigate the construction of a new organics processing facility rather than redevelop the existing plant, citing concerns over the cost of the project.

In a statement, Council said staff would spend the next six months looking at options for potential new sites and technologies before reporting back to Council in March next year.

It said the option of redeveloping the existing Bromley’s Organics Processing Plant was still on the table should investigations not identify a viable alternative.

The decision to look at alternatives comes after the tender prices for a $21.5 million redevelopment of the Bromley site came in significantly over budget.

“In light of all the information we believe we need to investigate alternative sites for organics processing that could serve a wider area than Christchurch city,” Mayor Lianne Dalziel says.  

“It’s sensible to look at alternative options. That means searching for other suitable development sites – which could be on Council-owned land, heavy industrial zoned land or rural land.

 “We are committed to finding a solution that will meet the needs of our Bromley residents while also remaining cost effective and fit for purpose as the city continues to grow over the coming decades.

“In the interim period while these investigations take place, we want to reassure nearby residents that Council staff will be taking every practicable measure to mitigate odour from the current plant.”

The Bromley plant has been identified as one of the sources of the odour issues that have troubled nearby residents for years, leading Environment Canterbury to issue the Council with an Abatement Notice.

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