Saturday, July 20, 2024

Councils all aboard for school bus solution

Work continues to be undertaken by partners Waikato District Council, Waikato Regional Council, Tuakau College, Franklin Transport Network Group and local MP, Andrew Bayly, on a bus service solution for Tuakau College students from Pookeno for Term 2.

Waikato District Council has started planning for the construction of bus stops connecting footpaths and a crossing facility including a pedestrian refuge on Buckland Road opposite Tuakau College.

It says the works will be completed no later than the end of June 2024, with the possibility of early delivery dates as funding, planning and construction are finalised.

Waikato Regional Council says a specific review of the Pookeno – Tuakau – Pukekohe public bus route will also be undertaken as part of a planned northern Waikato public bus service review scheduled to start mid-2024.

Balancing the timed connection of commuter bus and rail connections at Pukekohe from Pookeno with the needs of school students will be a key consideration of this review, the Council says.

Tuakau College is also exploring the viability of allowing students to finish earlier in order to access the 3:18pm service, in addition to the following service at 3:48pm

Elected officials at both Local and Central government remain committed to finding an outcome that provides certainty for families, while acknowledging that additional funding options remain limited, the Councils said in a statement.

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