Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Councils called on to submit quarterly build consent data

Councils will be required to submit data for building consent and code compliance certificates every quarter in a bid to reduce delays speed up the building consent system, Building and Construction Minister, Chris Penk said today.

“Applications for building consents and code compliance certificates must be completed within 20 working days, however feedback from the sector is that they often take a lot longer causing frustrating and costly delays for builders,” said Mr Penk.

The Minister said delays in the building consent system increase the cost of building and make it harder for the sector to deliver more affordable homes for Kiwi families.

“Unbelievably, there is currently no consistent nationwide data on building consent timeframes and while MBIE has the power to collect it regularly the previous Labour Government never bothered to ask for it,” he said.

“This will change and starting in April, Building Consent Authorities will be required to submit timeframes for building consent and code compliance certificate applications with this data being published on MBIE’s website every quarter. 

“This added scrutiny will provide greater certainty for the sector, encourage best practice and drive innovation that will help reduce delays and let Kiwi builders get on with the job.  

“Collecting this data is also an important early step that will help inform future changes in the Government’s ambitious plan to streamline the building consent system and make it easier to build.”

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