Saturday, April 13, 2024

Deal considered for Hawke’s Bay cyclone recovery cost-sharing

Hawke’s Bay’s five Councils have announced negotiations between central and local government to confirm a cost-sharing approach for some of the region’s most urgent cyclone recovery costs are now complete.

The Councils today confirmed that an offer from the Crown has been made, with the funding package covering three of the region’s highest priority areas – the voluntary buyout of residential Category 3 properties, flood protection, and transport infrastructure, including urgent roading and bridge repairs.

“Each of the region’s five Councils will now need to consider the Crown’s offer in advance of a series of extraordinary Council meetings which are scheduled to take place later this week. As the offer from the Crown would provide funding support to all five Councils, the region will need to unanimously agree for the deal to be finalised,” the Councils said in a joint statement today.

“Together, Hawke’s Bay’s Councils remain committed to ensuring decisions that impact a community are made with that community’s involvement and input. Even with the support of Government funding, some Councils will need to engage with their communities on the package, including where they need to consider the voluntary buyout of Category 3 residential properties.”

If the Crown’s offer is accepted, the priority for the region will be on establishing a team to work directly with those impacted property owners who wish to take up the voluntary buyout offer, the Councils said.

“This would be a significant focus for those Councils with Category 3 properties over the coming weeks, with this work progressed with urgency in order to deliver clarity and certainty to those hardest-hit residents across Hawke’s Bay.”

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