Thursday, July 18, 2024

Dogs on board with Auckland bus trial

Auckland’s buses are now welcoming large dogs on board as part of an eight week transport trial by Auckland Council.

It follows the success of Council’s ‘Pets on Buses’ trial for smaller dogs, with small domestic pets in approved carriers now permitted on Auckland Transport (AT) buses permanently.

Councillor Josephine Bartley was Auckland was becoming a much more pet-friendly city,

“Changes like this make catching public transport an option for more people,” she said.

“I’d like to acknowledge the hard work of Dr Cathy Casey for pushing for changes like this over her many years as a Councillor.

“I’m definitely looking forward to taking my dog Milo on the bus soon.”

Councillor Bartley and Milo.

AT’s Improvement Delivery Lead, Luke Clarke says the enthusiastic public response to pets on buses shows that Aucklanders want more options when travelling.

“This trial reflects our commitment to make public transport easier and more accessible for all Aucklanders.”

“We’re excited to see larger four-legged passengers joining their owners on our buses,” says Mr Clarke.

Currently large dogs are allowed on Auckland trains and ferries with an approved muzzle and lead. Small domestic pets are permitted on trains, buses and ferries when enclosed in an approved carrier.

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