Saturday, April 13, 2024

Dry spell strikes Palmerston North

Palmerston North residents are being encouraged to step up voluntary outdoor water conservation efforts to mitigate the potential need for water restrictions.

Palmerston North City Council says residents have done well so far this year and in past years, where mandatory water restrictions haven’t been required, but warn that may change.

Council says the current dry spell, coupled with a hot summer and limited rainfall, is causing a significant drop in the water levels of Turitea Dam, which supplies over two-thirds of the city’s water, with the remainder sourced from aquifer bores around the city.

Council’s Three Waters Group Manager, Mike Monaghan is urging residents to adhere to the voluntary Summer Water Use initiative, which encourages limited outdoor water use.

“Our voluntary Summer Water Use initiative has worked well over previous years, but an El Niño means we’re not expecting any decent rain until autumn, which means we may need to look at implementing water restrictions in our city,” he said.

“For now, please try and cut back on watering your gardens and lawns every day. Instead, do this between 7 – 9pm every second day.”

If put in place, the initial water restrictions will mirror the rules of the voluntary Summer Water Use initiative but will be mandatory, said Mr Monaghan.

He thanked the community for its efforts in conserving water through the voluntary Summer Water Use initiative.

“Many towns and cities, including those around us, are already in restrictions but our community’s efforts with our voluntary Summer Water Use initiative means we’ve been able to ward them off, for now.”

“Our city is extremely fortunate compared to many others around the country. We have planned well and have a range of water sources available. It’s important we all take a good look at our water use and see what we can do to conserve water this summer.”

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