Thursday, July 18, 2024

Dunedin to have say on energy proposal

Mayor of Dunedin, Jules Radich, is encouraging the city’s residents to have their say on the Aurora Energy proposal.

Mayor Radich was commenting after Councillors met today to endorse a range of consultation materials for the start of public consultation on the proposal on 28 March 2024.

“This is an important opportunity for people to have their say on what could easily be the most significant decision made by Council in many years. We encourage everyone – especially Dunedin ratepayers and Aurora customers – to let us know what they think,” he said.

“Council is committed to listening to and considering all the feedback before we make a decision. We’ll be sharing extensive information about the pros and cons of the options as this process proceeds.”

Public consultation will close on 12 noon on 2 May. Public hearings will then be held in May 2024, with a final decision is expected in late May or early June 2024, the Mayor outlined.

Council’s preferred option for consultation is to sell the company and use the proceeds to repay Aurora’s debt and invest the remaining money (which is expected to be many hundreds of millions of dollars) in a diversified investment fund.

The alternative option, to keep Aurora Energy, will also be detailed in the consultation material, Mayor Radich said.

“Council is committed to fairly representing the pros and cons of each option in the consultation document, which will be supported by more detailed information on the DCC website.”

“Councillors asked a range of important questions, all aimed at producing the best possible consultation information for the public, and our staff are now working hard to incorporate those amendments into the final consultation document.

“The sale of Aurora Energy is our preferred option, but it’s important to stress it remains a proposal only. Councillors will consider all feedback before making a final decision, which is why it’s so important that the community have their say,” he said.

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