Monday, June 24, 2024

Environment Canterbury opts out of Māori constituency

Environment Canterbury Regional Council has decided not to include a Māori constituency in the next local elections in 2025.

“We have previously considered the option of a Māori constituency and felt the best, most appropriate representation was direct representation by mana whenua,” said Council Chair, Peter Scott (pictured).

“Nothing has changed to alter our view of that, which is consistent with the advice we have had from Papatipu Rūnanga.

“We have had mana whenua representation arrangements with Ngāi Tahu for more than a decade and we value the enhanced decision-making that results from that.”

The Council’s current representation is through 16 councillors – 14 elected from seven constituencies plus the two Ngāi Tahu councillors enabled through the Canterbury Regional Council (Ngāi Tahu Representation) Act 2022.

“Our two Ngāi Tahu councillors bring a mana whenua perspective to our decision-making and their presence at the Council table recognises the status Ngāi Tahu hold as mana whenua as recognised by the Crown through their Treaty settlement,” said Mr Scott added.

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