Thursday, June 13, 2024

Environment ministry to share waste minimisation research

The Ministry for the Environment is hosting three online events to share research on behaviours, attitudes and beliefs around waste minimisation in Aotearoa.

It will also share how you can apply behavioural insights to effective waste minimisation communications.

The sessions are designed for:

  • council waste and communications staff
  • anyone who regularly creates social media content or flyers and brochures to encourage people to recycle more and waste less. 
What you will learn

At the sessions you will: 

  • find out the results of the Ministry’s first behavioural trend monitoring survey
  • be given an introduction to best-practice communications guidance
  • get the opportunity to practice using best-practice guidance to develop your own behaviour change communications and campaigns. 

To get the most value from the material, the Ministry recommends that you sign up for all three sessions.

BehaviourWorks Australia will run the workshops. They are being led by Jennifer Macklin, Senior Researcher and Waste Specialist, and Dr Bernice Plant, Research Fellow. 

Register for sessions

Behavioural trend monitoring survey results


Tuesday 8 August, 12pm–1pm


Find out the results of our first annual behavioural trend monitoring survey. It tracks behaviours, attitudes and beliefs around waste minimisation in Aotearoa.

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Workshop 1


Thursday 17 August, 12pm–2pm


Get an introduction to best-practice communications guidance for waste minimisation, and general upskilling in understanding behaviour change and behavioural insights.

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Workshop 2


Tuesday 29 August, 12pm–2pm


Find out how to best use best-practice guidance when developing communications and campaigns on waste minimisation behaviour change. You will also have the opportunity to practise applying behavioural insights to waste minimisation communications.

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