Wednesday, May 22, 2024

ENZ looks to ‘big ideas’ for global learning

Education New Zealand says it is looking to the future by supporting “big ideas” that reimagine what a New Zealand education could look like and mean for global learners.

Registrations of interest are open now for ENZ’s International Education Product Innovation Fund (PIF), closing on Wednesday 4 May 2022. Funding is available to all New Zealand-based organisations and individuals with fresh ideas for international education. 

The PIF will support providers of education – whether established, new or emerging – to explore, develop and test pilot projects of new products and services that reimagine international education. 

Education New Zealand says ‘new’ could mean the mode of delivery, the configuration, the learner experience and learner outcomes, or the type of collaboration. The pilot projects developed through the PIF will help explore what could set New Zealand apart from its competitors, how students want to engage with New Zealand education, and how to increase the sector’s resilience to future shocks. 

“We are extremely excited to now be receiving registrations of interest for the Product Innovation Fund”, says ENZ’s Director of Innovation, Euan Howden.

“By encouraging and enabling the development of new, innovative products and services, we are seeking to position the sector for a more sustainable and resilient future and take advantage of trends such as alternative credentials, life-long learning and flexible learning.”

Each pilot project supported through the PIF will be a partnership based on mutual benefit and reciprocity between ENZ and the provider. 

ENZ will offer funding of up to $300,000 per pilot – but is also open to considering proposals that seek greater funding – as well as connections, support and credibility. In turn, ENZ is looking for applicants who can show a commitment of resource, a willingness to share lessons, reporting and insights for broader benefit, an openness to new thinking, and willingness to give best effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi. 

The PIF is one of ENZ’s initiatives underway to build a sustainable and diverse international education sector for New Zealand which is more resilient to future shocks such as COVID-19. The programme is funded by the Covid Response and Recovery Fund and is linked to the Government’s Strategic Recovery Plan for International Education. 

The results of the pilots supported through the PIF will eventually inform recommendations to the Government in September 2023 on future investment in the development and diversification of international education. 

To learn more and register your interest, click here. 

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