Thursday, June 13, 2024

Erosion closes Arataki Track

Erosion has forced the closure of a second track in DOC’s Maniapoto district, with a landslip on the Arataki Track, DOC has confirmed.

DOC’s Maniapoto Operations Manager, Graham Kimber says work is underway to determine repair options for the track on the eastern side of the Pureora Forest in the central North Island.

The closed section is from the YMCA Camp Park Lee – within Pureora Forest – to the end of Arataki Rd.

The landslip is approximately 15 metres wide with a drop of up to three metres. It is on the eastern side of the Arataki Suspension Bridge and is on the section of track running along the Arataki Stream.

“We’ve had staff visit the site and carry out some initial inspections, but we need to do more technical work to establish what sort of repair is feasible and safe,” Mr Kimber says.

“This will take time, and in the interest of visitor safety, we’ve closed this track.”

He said DOC needs to undertake geo-technical assessment and planning for any repair, either short-term or long-term.

Signs have been placed on the track to advise of the closure. Anyone planning recreation in the area is urged to check relevant websites for up-to-date information.

The Arataki Track is part of the Centre of North Island Heartland Ride and is used by people accessing the popular Pureora Timber Trail. The Timber Trail itself is not affected by the closure but ride planning will be required as the Arataki Track provides access to the Timber Trail.

DOC is dealing with a high number of spring weather-related slips, washouts and subsidence on New Zealand’s tracks. With climate change, we are seeing conditions exacerbated by more frequent and extreme weather events.

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