6th Annual NZ Government Data Summit


    6th Annual NZ Government Data Summit

    by Akolade
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    The amount of data collected by the government has reached unprecedented levels. With advancements in data utilisation and deployment, there are now unparalleled opportunities to enhance nearly every facet of New Zealand citizens’ lives. This includes more efficient and effective decision-making, improved social and environmental outcomes, and heightened economic growth.

    The 6th Annual NZ Government Data Summit is your platform to dive into the dynamic realm of data, technology, and governance. Our primary focus is reimagining the public sector’s role in service delivery. At the summit, we tackle critical challenges related to the public sector’s data, digital technologies, and cybersecurity. Discover how the government is committed to ensuring effective data management, privacy, security, and accessibility for all.

    Attend the Summit and learn how to:

    • Optimise your systems, processes, and services by employing data effectively and ethically
    • Safely and responsibly harness data to establish and nurture public trust
    • Utilise data visualization, analytics, collaboration, and storytelling to make well-informed decisions
    • Leverage digital technologies to enhance and personalise public services for citizens
    • Employ secure and reliable cloud solutions in government operations
    • Enhance transparency and engagement by advancing data maturity, privacy, and quality

    Key themes to be explored in 2024:

    • Data governance and management
    • Open data and transparency
    • Data analytics and insights
    • Ethical use of data
    • Data-driven service delivery
    • Data partnerships and collaboration
    • Exploring the impact of emerging technologies like AI, IoT, and blockchain
    • Harnessing the potential of big data, cloud computing, and edge computing in the public sector

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