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03mayAll DayWriting for Policy ResultsOnline Event Organized By: Policy Skills

Event Details

2 Day Workshop

Another two-day immersion, delivered by experienced policy professional, Nonie Malone, and awarded government writing educator, Sandra Hogan, this workshop will hone your skills so you and your decision-makers have confidence in your written communications. 

Topics Covered:

  • Know the critical importance of writing in the policy development process
  • Understand how to use policy documents to reach and influence decision-makers
  • Know how to navigate the complex policy environment
  • Distinguish the elements of good policy writing and learn by doing
  • Know how to engage internal and external stakeholders effectively
  • See how policy documents influence and embody policy
  • Develop confidence in planning and creating policy documents
  • Know how to communicate accurately, briefly and comprehensively 

Download the PDF Brochure for full course details.

Course Outline

Day One: Policy writing in context and action

1. Policy writing ideals and reality

  • Exploration of writing experiences
  • What goes wrong in policy writing?
  • What is needed to produce good work?

2. Essential writing to support the stages of the policy cycle

  • Overview of the nature of policy and the policy cycle
  • Policy documents and their purposes

3. Identifying and reaching the right audience

  • Identify the target and incidental audiences for each type of document
  • What strategies do you need to meet the needs of the particular audience?

4. Briefing note and correspondence writing tools & skills

  • What gets in the way of writing a good brief or letter and what to do about it
  • What content do you need and how do you organise it?
  • Getting your point across

5. Communicating clearly #1 – why grammar & punctuation count

  • Taking the pain out of grammar & punctuation (group exercise)

Day Two: Influencing through policy writing

1. Plain English tools & skills

  • How to recognise and avoid jargon and obfuscation
  • When and how should technical language be used
  • The language of policy
  • How to communicate the complex simply

2. Convincing decision-makers

  • What do decision-makers want and need?
  • How to argue for the best course of action
  • How to write recommendations that lead to decisions

3. Cabinet submissions, discussion (green) papers, white papers

  • What are these documents for?
  • What makes a good cabinet submission?
  • Complexity made simple – planning and creating Cabinet submissions

4. Communicating clearly #2

  • Sentence by sentence – writing for clarity
  • Presentation without words

5. Managing for efficiency and effectiveness as a policy writer

  • How to find strategies and resources to help you reach ideals
  • How to foster conditions in your agency to facilitate your writing
  • Personal skills for policy influence.


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