Thursday, May 30, 2024

Expect Southern Auckland checkpoints from 11pm

Police are setting up checkpoints in the southern part of Auckland as part of the nation’s change in Alert Levels this evening.

From 11.59pm tonight, Auckland and Northland areas will remain in Alert Level 4, while the rest of the country will move to Alert Level 3. 

Police will set up southern checkpoints in the following locations:

1. SH1/Mercer off ramp – southbound traffic;
2. SH1/Oram Rd – northbound traffic;
3. Mangatawhiri Rd/SH2;
4. East Coast Rd – Waharau Regional Park;
5. SH22/Pukekawa-Churchill Rd and Logan Rd.

“Like last time, at the request of the community, Port Waikato has been included in the Auckland border to ensure those residents are not cut off from essential services close to their homes,” said Commissioner Andrew Coster.

He said that given the complex nature of closing down a State Highway, Police planning for managing travel through an Alert Level boundary had been under way for some time.

“Police intend to have all the checkpoints operating by 11pm tonight to ensure a smooth transition when the Alert Level change comes into effect.”

“The checkpoints on the outskirts of Auckland will be stopping vehicles and questioning drivers, ensuring there is no non-essential movement through the region.

“We do not have our northern boundary checkpoints set up at this time while Northland remains part of Alert Level 4,” the Commissioner said.

However, Northland will continue to operate three checkpoints at the southern entry into the region at the following locations:

• SH1 intersection with SH12;
• Mountain Road, Kaiwaka;
• Cove Road, by Bream Tail Road.

Anyone attempting to travel across the regional boundaries separating Alert Level 4 and Alert Level 3 areas, should expect to be stopped and asked for proof of essential travel, the Commissioner said.

The exemption process will run the same way as it has previously. More information is available on the COVID-19 website

“We are anticipating that there may be delays during peak times at these boundary checkpoints, and we are asking our community be prepared for this and to be patient.”

“Police are working closely with our communities and Iwi on our checkpoints and can reassure them that Police will have little tolerance for anyone found to be trying to breach the borders and enter or leave Auckland and Northland without a legitimate reason.

“With the greater risk attached to the Delta variant, Police has discouraged volunteer involvement in checkpoints. Police is in regular dialogue with iwi leaders about our response to COVID-19 in the community.

“Police is urging our community to limit movement to within your region only under Alert Level 3 and Police will be continuing to stop people at random across the rest of the country to ensure movement is for essential purposes only,” Commissioner Coster said.

He said compliance under Alert Level 4 had been very high across the country, and thanked all those in the community who had shown courtesy and understanding for Police staff at checkpoints.

He added that sould Northland’s alert levels change at 11.59pm on Thursday night as signalled by the Government today, Police is ready to deploy checkpoints to the region’s southern boundary with Tāmaki Makaurau, at the following locations:

•          SH1/Mangawhai Road (Twin Coast Discovery Highway);
•          Mangawhai Road / north of Coal Hill Road;
•          Black Swamp, west of Rako Road;
•          Mangawhai Road and Cames Road;
•          Mangawhai Road and Ryan Road;
Note:  Mangawhai Road also known as Twin Coast Discovery Highway.

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