Friday, May 24, 2024

First reading for $23.5m Ngāti Paoa claims Bill

Ngāti Paoa has witnessed the passing of the first reading of the Ngāti Paoa Claims Settlement Bill at Parliament today for their historical Treaty of Waitangi claims.

“Today is another step forward in the restoration of the relationship between Ngāti Paoa and The Crown based on trust, co-operation and partnership,” said Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Minister, Andrew Little.

“I am pleased this Bill has passed its first reading and I Iook forward to supporting it through the house.”

Ngāti Paoa’s area of interest stretches from Te Aroha to Warkworth, and includes the Hauraki Plains, the Gulf Islands and parts of Mahurangi and Auckland. Ngāti Paoa has approximately 4,800 members.

“Ngāti Paoa’s historical grievances include loss of life, language, and devastation caused by war and raupatu, including the bombardment of Pūkorokoro village, as well as the Crown’s promotion of laws and policies that led to Ngāti Paoa being virtually landless,” Andrew Little said.

The redress package includes:

  • financial and commercial redress of $23.5 million;
  • cultural redress including 12 sites of traditional, historical and cultural significance to Ngāti Paoa;
  • protocols and relationship agreements with a number of Crown agencies.

“This settlement also includes an apology from The Crown to Ngāti Paoa for the Crown’s actions, including those that undermined Ngāti Paoa’s economic, social and cultural development,” Mr Little said.

“While no settlement can fully compensate Ngāti Paoa for what has been lost, a wide range of redress has been negotiated to provide for the historical and cultural recognition of Ngāti Paoa, and to regrow their economic base.

“I sincerely hope this settlement will support a prosperous future for Ngāti Paoa for many generations to come,” the Minister said.

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