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Four draft plan changes to be considered for garden city

An overhaul of Christchurch’s planning rules will get under way this week, with Council’s Urban Development and Transport Committee asked to approve the release of four draft Plan Changes for public consultation.

All four Draft Plan Changes are aimed at preparing Christchurch for future growth, while protecting what the city’s residents’ value and managing the risks of hazards, Christchurch City Council said in a statement.

“It is unusual for four Draft Plan Changes to be progressed at the same time, but in this case it has been necessary because of legislative changes and the Government’s push to prioritise the need for more housing,’’ says Council Head of Planning and Consents, John Higgins.

“We have to make changes to the Christchurch District Plan so that it is in line with both the National Policy Statement – Urban Development (NPS-UD) and the Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply) Amendment Act.’’

The four Draft Plan Changes being considered by the Committee are the:

  • Housing Choice Plan Change – to bring our District Plan in line with government direction that has been given via the National Policy Statement-Urban Development (NPS-UD) and the Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply) Amendment Act to enable more development in the city’s existing urban footprint.
  • Heritage Plan Change – we are proposing that 11 new residential heritage areas across the city be identified for protection in the District Plan to recognise Christchurch’s special identity and character and adding a total of 65 buildings, items and building interiors to the Schedule of Significant Historic Heritage.
  • Coastal Hazards Plan Change – we need to avoid increased risk of harm to people and property from coastal hazards such as flooding, tsunami and erosion.
  • Radio Communication Pathways Plan Change – we need to protect airspace used for emergency radio communications by stopping development that blocks it.

“These Draft Plan Changes are significant because they will shape how our city develops and accommodates its growing population,’’ Mr Higgins says. “They are about preparing us for the future.’’

If the Urban Development and Transport Committee gives its approval, the Draft Plan Changes will go out for public consultation on Monday 11 April. The public will have until Friday 13 May to give their feedback.

Read the report on the draft Plan Changes.

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