Saturday, July 13, 2024

Four reappointments to FENZ board

Internal Affairs Minister, Brooke van Velden, has announced the reappointment of four members to the Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) board.

“I am pleased to announce that Rebecca Keoghan (pictured) has been reappointed as chair for a two-year term of office,” says Ms van Velden. 

Ms Keoghan was appointed deputy chair of the board for a three-year term in June 2019 and appointed chair in July 2021. 

“In addition, I have reappointed Danny Tuato’o, Belinda Clark QSO and Mary-Anne Macleod to the board.”

The board, appointed by the Minister of Internal Affairs, is responsible for the governance and oversight of FENZ. 

“Fire and Emergency carry out critical frontline services and are funded through insurance policyholders and the Crown. I expect that the board demonstrates a high level of accountability by being fiscally prudent and ensuring sufficient standards of service delivery.”

Mr Tuato’o has been reappointed to the board for a three-year term and will commence on 16 August 2024. He will then take up the role of deputy chair. Ms Clark commenced her reappointment as a member of the board for a three-year term on 12 June 2024. Ms Macleod has been reappointed as a member of the board for a two-year term commencing 16 August 2024.

“I have made my expectations clear that the board should remain an effective steward of the organisation as the primary monitor of Fire and Emergency’s performance, providing strong governance oversight and strategic guidance.

“It is important that the board holds Fire and Emergency’s chief executive and senior leadership accountable for organisational performance, financial management, and the delivery of strategic outcomes.”

“I recognise Fire and Emergency carries out critical frontline services and needs enough funding to do so. However, I also consider it important that FENZ demonstrates a high level of accountability. I also acknowledge that it is levy payers – individuals, households, and businesses – who will pay for any increase to the levy. 

“These reappointments will continue to support the board in finding efficiencies and guiding the organisation towards realising its outcomes for the benefit of all New Zealanders,” says Ms van Velden. 

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