Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Frater welcomed to Banks Peninsula board

The newest member of Te Pataka ō Rakaihautū Banks Peninsula Community Board says she is keen to ensure her community remains a great place to live.

Jillian Frater (pictured) was elected as the representative for the Lyttelton Community Subdivision on the Te Pātaka o Rākaihautū Banks Peninsula Community Board on February 17, following a by-election.

The vacancy arose from the resignation of Reuben Davidson in 2023, who was elected to Parliament.

Dr Frater attended her first meeting this week and was welcomed onto the Community Board with a swearing-in ceremony. She says she is looking forward to helping to tackle the range of issues the area is facing.

“Given Banks Peninsula is such a big area, we have a vast range of challenges to consider.”

“We face big issues like adapting to climate change, managing visitors to Banks Peninsula and maintaining and enhancing the quality of the environment.”

Dr Frater has lived in Ōhinehou Lyttelton for 33 years. She has held a wide range of community roles including chair of Lyttelton West School Board, president of Lyttelton Plunket and president of Lyttelton Tennis Club.

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