Sunday, July 14, 2024

Gisborne council embarks on mammoth works program

Gisborne District Council has embarked on the most extensive three-year work plan in its history.

Councillors recently adopted the 2024-2027 Three Year Plan (3YP), which focuses on the recovery of the region’s infrastructure, roading, drainage and compliance.

Mayor Rehette Stoltz says the Council has listened to the community, who have asked it to get back to basics.

“As a council we will be laser-focused over the next three years to make sure that we do this for our community,” she said.

The 3YP includes $438 million of capital works that will be undertaken over the next three years – with 90% to be spent on infrastructure.

“To put it into context – it would usually take 10 years to deliver what this council will deliver in three years,” said Chief Executive, Nedine Thatcher Swann.

“I’d like to thank the work of Councillors and council staff over the past six to seven months who led this plan and met with the community to pull together this mammoth piece of work.”

The Council also endorsed a 11.4% rate increase.

“We are operating in one of the toughest environments NZ has ever seen. The debt cap has been set at 175 percent, which is a reflection of the amount of work that needs to be done,” says Ms Thatcher Swann.

Community consultation on the 3YP ran from 20 March to 19 April. During this period, Council received 173 formal submissions, containing approximately 582 individual submission points.

The final 3YP will be available this week, see Council’s website.

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