Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Government to ban phones in schools

Education Minister, Erica Stanford says eliminating classroom distractions is a key action needed to lift student achievement levels, with phones set to be banned from classrooms across New Zealand.

Her comments followed the release this week of the 2022 PISA results, which found that New Zealand students ranked fifth in the world for being distracted by digital devices, with around half of students reporting they become distracted in most or every lesson. 

“The Government is committed to lifting school achievement in the basics and that starts with removing distractions so young people can focus on their learning,” said Minister Stanford.

“These results reinforce our government’s focus on removing distractions like cellphone use in the classroom to ensure young people receive the quality education they deserve that lets them live the life that they want.

“There is clear evidence that removing distractions like cellphone use has a positive impact on student achievement and wellbeing, and the Government is wasting no time.”

The Minister said the Government will ban cellphone use during the school day for all students within its first 100 days in power.

“New Zealand schools that have banned cell phone use, and overseas jurisdictions that have imposed bans, report better concentration and engagement in class, and have seen an improvement in achievement and wellbeing.” 

“This is just the first part of the Government’s plan to Teach the Basics Brilliantly and equip kids with the building blocks they need to achieve their potential,” she said.

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