Thursday, May 23, 2024

Government to refresh approach to equal pay claims

The coalition Government will refresh its approach to supporting pay equity claims as time-limited funding for the Pay Equity Taskforce comes to an end, Public Service Minister Nicola Willis announced today.

“Three years ago, the then-government introduced changes to the Equal Pay Act to support pay equity bargaining. The changes were supported by other parties in the House, including the National Party,” said the Minister.

At that time, the government established on a time-limited funding basis a pay equity taskforce within the Public Service Commission, with a mandate to support government agencies to exercise their new responsibilities under the Act.

“In the past few years, a substantial number of public sector claims have been settled and the taskforce has supported agencies to build up their expertise and knowledge of their obligations,” said Ms Willis.

“It is a sign of success that the process for settling pay equity claims has now matured to a point where the same level of governance support and facilitation from the taskforce is no longer required.”

The Public Service Commission is currently consulting staff on the proposed disestablishment of the pay equity taskforce with time limited funding ending on June 30.

“The Government remains committed to pay equity and meeting its obligations under the Equal Pay Act 1972,” said Ms Willis.

“In future we will expect all public sector agencies to take responsibility as employers for working with their employees to meet their pay equity obligations. I want to thank the taskforce for their work and acknowledge their contribution to ensuring men and women are paid better,” she said.

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