Saturday, April 13, 2024

Govt accepts Holidays Act Taskforce recommendations

The Government has accepted the Holidays Act Taskforce’s 22 recommendations which aim to improve the Act by making it clearer and providing greater certainty for employers and employees.

In a statement, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) said the recommendations would improve the current Act by providing a clear and transparent set of rules for providing entitlements to, and payments for, holidays and leave.

“The Taskforce’s recommended changes will address the high degree of ambiguity that has made the Holidays Act difficult to understand and implement for employers. Employees will find it easier to understand their entitlements and will also benefit from some changes to leave entitlements,” the Ministry said.

The Taskforce included employer, worker and government representatives and was chaired by Gordon Anderson, a law professor at Victoria University with extensive experience in employment law.

The review of the Act was commissioned by the Government following a joint request from unions and employers.

“Work has now begun on the further detailed policy design,” the MBIE said.

“Legislation to implement the changes is expected to be introduced in early 2022 and will go through the full parliamentary process. After the legislation is enacted businesses and employers will be given plenty of time and guidance to prepare for the changes.”

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