Monday, July 15, 2024

Govt backs 71 research projects

The Government has today announced funding for 71 scientific research projects.

Research, Science and Innovation Minister, Ayesha Verrall said the Endeavour Fund provides investment in projects to help build a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy to improve the wellbeing of all living in New Zealand.

“The Government is focused on building a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy, and the projects we are announcing today play a key role in helping to deliver that,” Dr Verrall said.

“We’re supporting and investing in research which will have future potential economic benefits as well as addressing some of our biggest challenges such as climate change.”

Some of the successful projects include developing new technology to reduce geothermal carbon emissions, forecasting future threats such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and utilising AI to make future weather and climate projections.

“As well as finding ways to protect Māui dolphins from toxoplasmosis, creating soilless precision farming via ultraclean water production, zero-emissions removal of nitrate from wastewater and using robotic fish to enable effective coastal kaitiakitang,” the Minister said.

Another priority for the fund is to support Vision Mātauranga, which aims to unlock the science and innovation potential of Māori knowledge, she said.

“Our research priorities include tackling long-standing social issues, transitioning into low emissions and climate resilience, and building a more knowledge-intensive economy.”

“The science and innovation community are coming up with solutions to tackle some of our most important issues, this funding will help them to carry out their important work,” Dr Verrall said.

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