Saturday, June 15, 2024

Hamilton council awards Peacocke wastewater works contract

Hamilton City Council has awarded Brian Perry Civil the contract to build a new wastewater transfer station and associated works in the south-west of the city.

Council says the $27 million project is the next major piece of the development puzzle to enable much-needed new housing in the Peacocke area.

Chair of Council’s Strategic Growth Committee, Councillor Dave Macpherson said after receiving funding via the Government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) more than three years ago, it was important that the critical piece of infrastructure in the Peacocke area would break ground soon.

“This project is a major milestone for Council and will enable essential housing to be built in the first stages of urban development in Peacocke,” he said.

It’s the third major contract Council has announced for the Peacocke area development. The transfer station will connect with existing construction projects – the northern wastewater pipeline and the new bridge over the Waikato River.

When complete, the transfer station will be the largest in Hamilton and form the heart of the wastewater system for the new Peacocke community. Wastewater will be pumped to the north of Hamilton to continue its journey by gravity to the Pukete Wastewater Treatment Plant for a total of 15.5km.

The transfer station will be located on Peacockes Road opposite the Waiora Water Treatment Plant. A large part of the structure will be built underground – down to 8.5m below ground level.

Cr Macpherson said the project was about more than just growing the city and new infrastructure.

“As well as investing in the new things we need for growth, we haven’t forgotten about improving existing infrastructure for the south-west residents and all Hamiltonians.”

The transfer station project includes more than 1.5km of pipe work to bring the Fitzroy area into the new catchment which will support current network operations and help to reduce demands on Hamilton’s western wastewater network, he said.

“Our approach to Peacocke, and to Hamilton’s overall future, is making sure we’re growing in a sustainable way that doesn’t leave our existing services or communities behind,” says Macpherson.

Construction of the transfer station and associated works is expected to get under way in January 2022 with minor earthworks completed later this year. The project is expected to take 18 months and be completed in mid-2023.

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