Thursday, April 18, 2024

Hamilton council praises community trust for road safety efforts

Hamilton City Council has thanked Te Papanui Enderley Community Trust for being the driving force behind proposed safety upgrades in the local suburb of Enderley.

Leading a community effort that brought safety concerns to Council, Te Papanui spearheaded a campaign to install a pedestrian crossing on Mardon Road.

Council’s Community Advisor, Viknesh Mahadevan, thanked the Trust for their part in championing the message of safety.

“We are thankful to have a trusted partner in Te Papanui Enderley Community Trust, who have long been advocates for positive changes in the community,” Mr Mahadevan said.

“Council would like to acknowledge our partnership, but more notably, their hard work with local whaanau around community aspirations.

“The work they have undertaken with wellbeing hui, trustee submissions to Council for community safety support and rallying local community organisations for road safety improvements has been commendable.”

Te Papanui are also part of the Fairfield-Enderley Urban Development Partnership which is bringing together mana whenua, iwi, Central Government, Council, and the community to address affordable housing and urban redevelopment across Fairfield and Enderley.

Te Papanui Enderley Community Centre Manager, Joe Koti, said he was proud of the Trust’s work throughout 2021.

“Last year was an amazing year for the community, and I would like to acknowledge the partnership with Council and their hardworking staff,” Mr Koti said.

“We have seen the installation of picnic tables, a new water fountain, rugby posts, new lino in our centre’s dining room and kitchen, and now a focus on community road safety through pedestrian crossings and speedbumps. Our city Councillors have supported all these projects and we thank them for their continued support in transforming our Te Papanui Enderley Community.

“COVID-19 has presented challenges and there are many community issues that we are working through, but we are grateful to all those agencies, health providers, community groups, schools, trusts and others who are making the commitment towards genuine community-led transformation.”

Part of the Trust’s strategic plan is advocating for safety for the local community, aligning with Council objectives towards safer roads for all users across the city, and its vision for zero deaths on our transport network, Council said in a statement.

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