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Hamilton gets creative with new fund

It’s hoped a new $150,000 fund could help bring Hamilton creatives’ dreams to life in the city.

Applications are now open for Hamilton City Council’s new Creative Partnerships Fund for the first year of its three-year trial.

The dollar-for-dollar scheme supports the city’s creative community in delivering new arts initiatives, from performances and artwork to multicultural activities.

Community Committee Chair Councillor, Mark Bunting said the new initiative would help take Hamilton’s creativity to the next level.

“The idea of this fund is to give a level of confidence to businesses and commercial sponsors who are thinking about supporting a creative project,” he said.

“We’re inviting new sponsors to walk hand in hand with us to brighten up the city. You’ll look good and the city will look great, thanks to you.”

The ‘match fund’ approach means Council money won’t be released unless finances were matched by an external party.

“This will also help the creative sector to work far more closely and proactively with the business sector. We really want to bridge that gap,” Cr Bunting said.

The grant was approved through the 2021-31 Long-Term Plan, with this first funding round remaining open until June 2022.

Mayor Paula Southgate said she was hopeful innovative public art projects for Hamilton could be jump-started by the fund.

“Generating new projects and getting them off the ground would be a fabulous outcome for the creative sector and for Hamilton,” she said.

“Council can’t go it alone so this is about partnerships and about the wider city working to unleash some of the incredible talent and creativity we have here.  That’s what I’m hoping for because that would be fabulous for Hamilton.”

To apply to the fund, an arts initiative must be new, and applicants must have secured funding or sponsorship equal to the amount being requested from the fund. There is no limit – within the $150,000 – to the amount requested.

To find out more, you can visit here. If you would like to discuss eligibility, please get in touch with Sandra Larsen at

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